Walk With Me.

Walk with me.
I am right by your side.

Dance with me.
I am the rhythm of your life.

Dare to find the rhythm of your life.
Not the prescribed rhythm society prescribes. The corrupted song of discordant monied melodies, warring scales, choruses of self interest.

What if you could trust you are not alone, that I am right beside you?

That to dance with me is to dance with you. The true you that sings only your heart’s song. The you that erotically sighs into life daily nuzzling at Eros’s neck.

Could you lay down the weapons you use not to live- childhood scripts, that there is no place in the world for you, that your dance, so exquisitely unique, isn’t enough, isn’t welcome.

Put down your weapons. Weapons that injure no one but you.

Take my hand.

Let me lead you onto the dance floor of your life.

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