The Mirror.

Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?

Not what, who.

Now look again and meet your eyes, your beautiful eyes.

What story do they tell? Can you dare to hold your own gaze? Unflinching.
Can your unflinching gaze alight on all of you? On all of you?

Your secrets held in that gaze, tremble in the light of discovery.

Oh, it’s so easy to show the world your finest qualities. So easy. And, perhaps, these are joined a parade of pretences.
Painting your secrets hidden behind a mask.

Look again. Catch your eyes again and dare to look past the pretence. Dare to hold the gaze of your secrets. Of your shame, your guilts, your fears.

Do you flinch?

Now, look again and see your gifts, your beauty, your full wonder.


How easy is it for you to look your beauty in your own eye?

Do you flinch?

Now, look again,

Take a breath, a deep breath.

Look yourself in the deep in the eye, those exquisite eyes and know the secret you’re most afraid of.
That secret, your most terrifying secret,

Is that you are so utterly beautiful you could melt your own heart.

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