Untitled because I don’t have a clue where this is going to take me.

It’s 9.30 in the morning on my birthday and I’ve been in the GA line since 4.50 so I can get the rail for my birthday show.

It’s a lot of fun,there are a bunch of us already,a boom box tearing out Corduroy and the sun is doing its best to burn off the chill.

It’s my last show. I’m sad,very sad that this wonderful trip is ending soon. My gift to myself has given me so much joy,so much reason to have faith that life works out so long as I meet spirit half way,put the footwork in,let go without giving up.

It’s special this life,special that I’m alive,that I chose to do this for me. I like I’ve done some sings so huge for me,so valuing of me,something just for me.

Today is a lot of fun and it’s only just starting. 11 hours till show time.

What would I like to hear most? Yellow Moon is just so beautiful and works so well live. Down and Alive for the obvious reasons and Wash because I’ve never had it live.

Any which way it’s goes I’m truly blessed to be here,to be alive to experience something so wonderful.

To coin a phrase…it’s a wonderful life.


So I got distracted and caught up in the world that is Pearl Jamming.

For me,the GA line was a great experience going so early and,let’s face it,being a little crazy getting up for a show that starts at 8.30pm at 4am. A lot of fun,met some great people.

The big downer was hearing about the women from Brazil who had set up on the other side from us who were robbed at 5/5.30 am. The one was in the loo when it happened,the other lost everything. Passport,cards,all travel cash. Thankfully fans did a collection so some money was raised for her and the band played Faithful for her.

I got an amazing last show. Almost 3 1/2 hours,37 songs,on the rail in front of Eddie,got a pick from Mike and Stone,had so much fun,met great people. And had so many birthday wishes from fans.

I’m pretty overwhelmed at the moment and can’t work out if I’m sad it’s over,happy I’ve done this,both or more. Time to process is needed. I need the day to rest which is the only possibility as I’m in downtown Phoenix,it’s Thanksgiving and there’s bugger all to do as everything is closed. So I’m not sure I have a clue what to do and restaurants are only doing big Thanksgiving spreads for the most part. Something will work out.

And I love this…I titled this as Untitled. And what got played later that night…Untitled for the first time I’ve seen it and we also got Down and Alive.

Now,when are the Europe dates being released….

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