Let Her Land.

Let her land.

Let her touch you with a lightness you could only imagine.
A lightness that eases the creases worn deep in your heart,that takes your hand and kneels before you with the reverence you deserve.

Let her land.

Hard if she has to. If that is what it takes for you to see her.

Fluttering. A gentle breeze,suggesting,daring you to open your eyes.
Insistently nudging,cajoling you to open your heart to her. To embrace with her.

She wants you. Aches for you.

Everyday she flirts with you
In a child’s smile,
A star’s luminescence
In the wind that calls you to listen
With every drop of rain that calls you to life.

Let her land.

She aches for you. Yearns for you.
Trembles with anticipation of your touch,of your acceptance of her.

Let her land.


Let her land. Joy.

Joy,say yes!
Say yes,say yes.
Please say yes,she wants to make love with you with her whole being. With you.


With you,

With you

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