The World Is Full Of Lovers


STOP. Ssssh…

Now do I have your attention?

Have you stopped and quieted for the moment you have to see you are not alone?

Come now,come with me on a journey…

The seed makes love with the earth
The shoot reaches to make love with the sun
The rain drowns the petals with love
The petals beguile the bees with her scent
The bees make honey to love the queen
She,the queen,flies into the night unseen
The stars awaken at her arrival,wink in ecstasy
The moon seduced unveils herself across the sky.

The bat gorges on a bug,full,ecstatic she falls asleep.
The bug’s lover makes his escape,flies deep into the hedge
But no!
He is now inside the hedgehog,
Who laughs and bristles content.
She tends to her young who sleep in the hedge.

The hedge loves who he is.
Oh sweet life! I am hedge,home to a thousand lovers.

The moon,awaiting her lover,
Shines admiring her reflection in the river where salmon runs freely
Oh such joy,oh gorgeous moon lighting my way.

Oh deathly claw
As bear swings deep into the river
Salmon now his dinner
Succulent flesh gives way to teeth,white teeth alive with death.

Love makes death,life making death.

Ah,such joy,such sweet flesh
Oh how you fill me with life.

A walk. The contented walk of a bear full of salmon.
Sated bear lying down to sleep does not see the moon

As she shyly blushes,
Her lover,the sun,now making his way

Oh such a day,we’ll make love all day-

If we see how the breeze kisses the leaves,
The snow holds the trees
The birds serenade,
The badger,dashing badger,paints his hair just for you
Ladybird paints her wings.


Have I said enough?

For you to know the world is full of lovers?

For you to know the world is for you to make love in?

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