One date turns to two…

I had a wonderful evening listening to the quite stunning David Whyte speak,read his poetry and ask questions our souls need to be asked.

Also,before was William Ayot who also read.

Giving myself permission to go on the spur of the moment was a lovely gift to give myself. Thank you Ronnie for the tip,Irfan for taking over at work and for getting a lift.

If you haven’t read David Whyte’s work please do. He will call and touch your Soul.

I also had an inkling this might be more than a poetic date as something was in the air between the person I went with and I that spoke of promise and joy. We danced gently with each other carefully allowing the space between us to shrink. Allowed ourselves both to know a next step was what we wanted to take,to take each other’s hands tenderly.

Laughter,teasing,play,poetry,a meal,a long conversation in the car that surely wasn’t as long as it was yet seemed momentary.

A goodnight. A see you soon.

No chaos,no drama will take a little getting used to. As will trusting the good stuff. My story is the good stuff doesn’t happen to me,I’m struggling to keep this one up as there is a lot of good stuff happening to me. It’s an old story,I want to trust the good stuff,my good story. It’s scary.

And it’s damned good.

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